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Purple Flight Tag

Purple Flight Tag

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This is a one off flight tag with purple icons on the one side and #edccooperative on the other, similar to what has been seen with our previous designs, but, never in this one off colour way.
April is Testicular cancer awareness month and the associated colour is purple… we haven’t done a charity thing for a while, so the flight tag has been made with the intention that all of the profit will go towards raising a little money for a charity… or two, this will either be ‘Cancer Research’, ‘Christie’s’ or both, your decision will be sought via a facebook poll. Looking at the analytics of the EDCCooperative across all the social media platforms where we are active, there is quite a heavy contingent who are male and within the age range who are most at risk, so it is the hope that we can spread a little awareness of testicular cancer within the community, but, also hopefully make us all more aware of cancer in its more general form and encourage us all to look out for ourselves and those we care about.
The flight tag comes with a matching sticker, a handwritten thank you card.


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