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Skele Coop - T-shirt PRE-ORDER

Skele Coop - T-shirt PRE-ORDER

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If you have been following us for the last couple of months, you will have seen the Skele Coop Design. You will probably have heard about the T-Shirt Pre-Order too if you are following on Facebook. Well here it is. 

We are proud to bring you our first, fully custom Tee. The T-shirt will feature the "Live Outdoors" Skele camp scene on the back, as a full back print. The front will see the Skele coop skulls as a smaller design on the left side of the chest. These will both be screen printed on to the garment. Though this is for a t-shirt, there will be some top secret additional items thrown in exclusive (maybe) to this pre-order.

The t-shirt itself will be a Gildan Heavy Cotton (180gsm). Why this t-shirt? Well it's a commonly used garment in the industry (I'm told), with a good thickness to give a quality feel. Also, this t-shirt gives us the largest scope of sizes. We will be able to print from S - 5XL. My apologies if you fall outside of these sizes. I have attached a size guide to give you a better idea of sizes.

What's next? Well we will leave the pre-sale open for a couple of weeks to give people time to get paid or what-not. From then, we'll place the order and then wait. I cant say for certain until the order is placed, but I would expect 4-6 weeks as a standard on these types of things.

Please note, the prototype displayed was printed by a different manufacturer using a different method, so the final results may vary.

I've put together a couple of FAQs that I anticipate might be asked, but by all mean, ask anything you want.
- Can I buy more than 1?
Yes! buy as many as you like 😃 there is no limit.
- Is this a limited edition item?
No, but at the same time, maybe yes. Ultimately, we want everyone who wants one to have one. but we have a minimum we can order. If there are enough people wanting a second run, we will definitely consider that at the time.
- What if it doesn't fit?
This is a tough one. as we are having them made to order, we wont necessarily have a replacement should your order not fit. Please look at the size chart and order accordingly. The Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirt's available on Amazon for relatively cheap. you could probably order one to try on and then return... ( but you didn't hear that from me)
- What is the surprise swag?
Well that is a surprise....
- Will is be available on the store if I miss the pre-order?
We will order a percentage over the required to cover lost of missing mail. We will also have some available for the Sharp Show hopefully. We are not planning on having any on the store at this time.
- What if I cant pay before the pre-order closes?
Contact one of the admin team.

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