The Defender's Path: Beards, Beer, and Swiss Army Knives - a short poem.

The Defender's Path: Beards, Beer, and Swiss Army Knives - a short poem.

Yes, it is an EDC group, but it is much, much more than that and sometimes we even we are surprised as to what gets discussed within the group and then what becomes a 'trend', if you will.

This is exactly that, a number of Cooperators made up their own poems, relating to the Coop, coffee and all things in between, so, it became a little 'thing', not to shy away from these things... we did our own... considering that I haven't written anything of substance for quite some time and certainly no poetry for quite a few years, I don't think its tooooo shabby of an effort, but, what it has done is made me open my eyes and even my mind, in a non-corny kind of way and do something out of the ordinary, something that I would not have done or even given a though to if it was not for the EDCCooperative community. Thank you.

Spoiler alert, I am 'working' on a second ;-)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy...

The Defender's Path: Beards, Beer, and Swiss Army Knives.

In a Land Rover Defender, they set forth to roam,
A beard-wearing crew, in search of a home.
With Swiss Army knife and a pint of beer,
They sought a cooperative, kindred spirits near.

Their journey led through valleys and peaks,
In pursuit of EDC enthusiasts, unique.
With rugged hearts and passions ablaze,
They sought a haven, where like minds would praise.

Their beards, like badges of honour, so grand,
In the Defender, they'd traverse the land.
With a trusty Swiss Army knife by their side,
They ventured together, on this EDC ride.

At last, they found a cooperative's gate,
A fellowship of EDC, it was fate.
With tools and gear, they'd work hand in hand,
Crafting solutions, a united band.

With pints of beer raised in joyful toast,
They celebrated their find, the EDC coast.
In the Defender's shade, their spirits anew,
Among like-minded souls, their dreams they'd pursue.

So here's to the beard, the beer, and the knife,
In the Defender, they'd continue the strife.
In this cooperative, their passions unite,
In the world of EDC, their future burns bright.

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