About Us

Back in 2016, a few Instagram users into EDC started chatting. Over time, one or two more people were added into this conversation. By late 2016, there were 10 members in this little group. Over time, the talk of what brought them together, EDC , expanded from one common interest into a whole host of topics. Friendships were forged.

Soon enough, the members decided that it would be a nice idea to extend their newly formed group to the rest of the community. The current set up wasn’t feasible as it would become far too confusing. Not only this, but they realised that each of them was a maker or seller in this great community. It was at this point they decided to combine their efforts and make something truly special.

Over the following days and weeks, they began brainstorming. How would it work. What would they call it. The name Cooperative struck home as it perfectly described the group.

They had a name, now they needed a logo that they could all get behind. Something that would engage interest in the community and help rally new members.

After some discussion they arrived at these 4 icons:

Swiss Army Knife – A call out to the EDC world and the love of sharp things.

Beard – Because what is more manly?

Beer – Nothing says friendship like enjoying a nice cold beer together

Land Rover – A call out to all things outdoors.

Now they had a name and a logo, they began to recruit. Initially creating accounts on Instagram, the original 10 members, who have now been promoted to Founder Status, began to spread the word. People slowly jumped on board and soon there was a demand for a patch. The founders dug deep and funded a batch of patches. Who knew if they would sell or not, but for these 10, it was a gamble worth taking. The patches flew out and from that, more and more members joined.

As the cooperative grew, so did the need for a more social aspect. A Facebook group was created and one and all were welcome. Members became cooperators. Strangers became friends. The demand for more patches got ever stronger. More merchandise was produced, collaborations with other companies followed. The rest they say, is history.

The original run of patches will forever be limited to that one batch. Thus being a part of history, a moment in time when the Cooperative was a handful of people.

The EDC Cooperative was started by 10 people. But it has grown to be a group for the people.