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EDCCooperative X Trangia, limited edition black version

EDCCooperative X Trangia, limited edition black version

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This is your chance to own a limited edition black EDCCooperative edition Trangia storm cooker. 

The trangia is a lovely, nostalgic and well tested piece of kit that will help you make a brew and cook a meal for yourself and friends, no matter the location or the conditions. 

They are available in two sizes, the 37-5 UL/BL (27) and the 35-5 UL/BL (25), both of these are the black special edition and include two one-litre saucepans (one inner, one outer), a frying pan, a windshield (upper and lower part), alcohol burner, pot gripper and strap.

The 27 series are aimed at solo or two person cooking where as the 25 series is a little larger and can accommodate three to four people. 

The dimensions of all 27 series stoves are the same: when packed away they are 18,5 cm in diameter and 10 cm high.

The dimensions of all 25 series stoves are the same: when packed away they are 22 cm in diameter and 10.5 cm high.

The weights will vary depending on what you carry inside and if you purchase any of the other accessories. 

On accessories, Trangia stoves sets can be complemented with pots and pans made from various materials, cases, multi-disc, and several other practical accessories including the gas burner, whilst we wont specifically be looking at ordering any of these with the sets, it is something that we can look into if there is enough interest for items down the line. We are looking at some EDCCooperative branded accessories. 

As for cost, this will depend. The 27 series will be around £105 and the 25 series will be around £115. We will be looking at taking money up front for the items and then sorting out individual postage to you, upon their arrival in the UK. This is a sort of pre-sale type affair.

If you want one, please contact us.

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