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#ThinBlueBee Patch

#ThinBlueBee Patch

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This is a velcro backed, woven morale patch featuring the Union Flag with the 'Thin Blue Line' struck through it and of course the Manchester Bee sitting front and centre.

The worker Bee has been the symbol of Manchester since the eighteenth century and they claimed the bee because she is an industrious little grafter, individually insignificant but collectively a superorganism, just like the hive collective that is the EDCCooperative... 

After the attack at the Manchester Arena on the 22nd of May 2017, the worker Bee became a symbol of hope, unity and defiance It has come to represent Manchester’s indomitable spirit.

This patch was designed by one of the founders of the EDCCooperative and then produced in small numbers in late 2017, they all sold out and the response and support was quite overwhelming. The patches went far and wide to members of the EDC community, Police officers worldwide as well as proud Mancunians. As numerous people have asked about them since, it was decided that another run would be made. 

The cost of the patch includes a sizeable donation to a family that were affected by the bombing who also run their own, unrelated charity, a family that this founder met on the night.

The hashtag #ThinBlueBee was used on social media if you wanted to see photos of the patches out in the wild.

Thank you.

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